We develop amazing AR experiences!

An augmentation is at its core an optical illusion and its success depends on the seamless integration of very different fields of expertise. We combine creative vision with a deep technical understanding and have a network of experts in the fields of directing, motion graphics, 3d design, optical tracking and programming. We love to to work on projects the lead to something stunning! The little vocal “aha”-moments of the users of our apps are our greatest motivation.



Timetraveler App

In 2014, we launched the TimeTraveler app, which takes users on a stroll through history along the Berlin Wall. The app guides users to the exact positions where cameramen stood in the past when they filmed escapes from East Berlin. It then inserts the footage of the escapes into the live view on the user’s phone and tracks it to the still-existing buildings, transforming the viewer into an eyewitness. TIMETRAVELER was supported and funded by the Media Innovation Centre Babelsberg (MIZ). We collaborated with the software company METAIO, which has since been bought by Apple, and the capabilities of the software are now part of every recent iPhone.

Like Magic App

We created LikeMagic! as a fully interactive AR-Magazine, with each issue featuring a leading artist who guides readers through the entire magazine from the cover to cover. The unbridled ar-overlay of the artist interacts playfully with the graphic layout of the magazine and invites the user to collaborate with her. They can, for example, sing a canon together.  The video of the song and other snapshots of the interaction with the artist can be uploaded to social media sites.

Stereo App

For the feature film STEREO, we developed an innovative app that brings the film’s poster to life when viewed through a mobile device. When the user looks at the poster through their phone, the main characters are teleported into the real world, right in front of them. Jürgen Vogel, in the role of his part, engages the user in conversation and asks if they can also see the character played by Moritz Bleibtreu, a mysterious man who is following him in the film and causing him to question whether he is real or not. The two characters have a brief exchange and then invite the user and their friends to pose with them for a photo. The user could then post these pictures on the movie’s social media pages, and the most original photos won prizes.

Redbull App

We proposed to Redbull that their iconic drink can could be used as a broadcasting tower for their exciting sports content. An AR app would showcase the most impressive stunts of the last few months, allowing users to see the athletes “perform” in front of them on the can. For example, users could see the top three cliff diving jumps of the last competition jumping off the rim of the can and diving into the table surface. This would be achieved by rotoscoping the original footage and tracking it to the can. Additionally, Redbull athletes could shoot choreographed routines or tutorials specifically for the can, which would be especially helpful when shot with volumetric video, allowing users to study the moves from all angles.

Kein & Aber Business Card App

We proposed an app to augment the business cards of the publisher Kein & Aber. Upon placing the business card on any flat surface and launching the app, you’ll witness the Kein & Aber Logo, featuring a charismatic pug, magically springing to life. Surrounding the card you will find a selection of their latest beautiful book titles. With a touch on the cover of any displayed book, you can see its first page and listen to the beginning of each story.  It is a intriguing fusion of physical and digital worlds, showcasing the magic of augmented reality and the enchantment of literature.

Brigitte und Jonathan Meese VR Film

The first virtual reality production by Jonathan Meese and his mother Brigitte Meese is a journey into the heart of the dictatorship of art. In the artist’s virtual studio, the spectators witness the emergence of a 360°-Gesamtkunstwerk of the future: The sleeping artist is visited by wonderful, inspiring dreams. His mother enters, brings him coffee and urges him to paint. Another Mother Meese comes in, and another, and another… and the artist paints in a frenzy of creation, because “art is just to get started, and right away it’s more awesome than Picasso” (Jonathan Meese). The video shown above is just a snippet of the full film, which was created in collaboration with René Päbke and Kobalt Productions and is meant to be viewed using VR glasses inside the finished artwork, a room displayed at the Marting Gropius Bau. The room is covered in a mural painted by Jonathan Meese, and in the center of the room, VR glasses hang from the ceiling. Visitors can put on the glasses to be transported back in time and witness the creation of the artwork in front of them.

Robin von Hardenberg

The potential of Augmented Reality for storytelling truly excites me. There is so much that hasn’t been done yet! It is a new field which demands an unusual combinations of skills: film making, programming, 3d design and animation. I have always been interested in both: creative and technical work and have tested working relationships with very talented creators in both realms.

I studied Philosophy and Modern Languages at Oxford University, (B.A. Lady Margaret Hall) and directing at German Film and Television School (dffb). My shortfilm THE SHADOW was nominated for a Student Academy Award. I produced and directed many ads for clients like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Trivago.

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